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  1. Payment


A 50% deposit of the Estimated Budget is due on Date of Agreement in order for Garo Atelier to begin construction of the Garment. The remaining 50% can be paid for any time before or on the agreed upon Project Deadline. The deposit and any subsequent payments are non-refundable.


A completed project cannot leave the studio before it is paid in full. Unless otherwise specified, Client is responsible for shipping of any kind and this cost is not reflected in the Estimated Budget.


  1. Changes to Original Design, Materials, or Timeline


The Estimated Budget is based on the completion of the project as initially agreed upon on this date between the Designer and Client as described in the Garment Description ONLY. Any subsequent changes to the original design, materials, or agreed upon timeline must be discussed with Garo Atelier staff and will be subject to increased fees.


Garo Atelier reserves the right to refuse to make any changes to the original design.


  1. Fittings  


The number of expected Fittings will be determined on the Date of Agreement. Any subsequent additional Fittings will be subject to an additional fee.


Any and all discrepancies between design and garment fit must be addressed before the final Fitting. If applicable to the design, the client is responsible for bringing all items necessary for successfully completing Fittings, such as all necessary undergarments, shoes, and padding.

  1. Designer Communication


In the event that Garo is not able to attend all Fittings or answer all communications, a Garo Atelier staff member appointed by Garo will be provided.


  1. Media


Garo Atelier reserves the rights to post images of the garment in progress or finished on social media or the company website unless an alternate agreement is made between the Client and Garo Atelier, LLC. The Client may not post any images of unfinished garments on any public platform without prior permission from Designer. Garo Atelier asks to be tagged or credited in any media representation of completed garments.


  1. Repairs


Garo Atelier will make repairs to any hardware defects for 60 days after completion of the Project free of additional cost (excluding shipping). This does not include design changes, fit issues that have already been addressed, or damages resulting from garment misuse.


After 60 days have elapsed from Project completion, Garo Atelier will review repair requests on an individual case-by-case basis. Garo Atelier reserves the right to charge additional fees for repairs after this time frame.


  1. Intellectual Property


While Garo Atelier encourages collaboration with Client, all sketches, designs, and patterns resulting from Project remain the intellectual property of Garo Atelier, LLC. Garo reserves the right to interpret Client inspirations in a manner that fits Garo Atelier’s aesthetic. The designs may not be duplicated or altered by any outside party.




By signing below, the Client agrees they have read, understood, and will comply with the terms listed in this Garment Design Agreement:

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